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Portion Assistant

To assist in support activities in the Portion Department as directed by Line Leader or Foreman.

* Knowledge of simple, routine, or repetitive tasks or operations which typically
includes following step-by-step instructions and requires little or no previous training,
experience or skill to operate simple equipment or equipment which operates repetitively,
requiring little or no previous training or experience.

Skills and Abilities:
Responsible for work as instructed and consults with the supervisor as needed on all matters not specifically covered in the original instructions or guidelines.

Food Safety: Complies with applicable standards set forth in the following documents: HACCP and SSOP.

Employee Safety: Ensures that safe methods are used while performing job duties, taking immediate corrective measures to eliminate hazardous conditions and/or practices and for the prevention of all accidents, whether personal injury or property damage. Will not permit safety to be sacrificed for any reason, including production, time limitations or unexpected problems.

Product Quality: Complies with standards set forth in the following documents:
TQC, SOP's, GMP's and product specifications.

Resource Management
Time - Accountable for punctuality to report for work as scheduled and when breaks are taken.
Materials - Responsible for all activities that have an economical impact on the meat block and other material cost.

Responsible to be attentive and responsive to training provided.

Responsible for communicating to appropriate personnel any issues of concern within department. Communicate all ways - always.

For both one-of-a-kind and repetitive tasks the supervisor makes specific assignments that are accompanied by clear, detailed, and specific instructions.
Provides assistance to others, as directed, by answering questions or providing basic training. Responsible for own work and not normally required to direct or supervise others.

Lifting:Up to 20 lbs for 2/3 or more per shift
Up to 75 lbs 1/3 or less per shift.

Standing/Walking: Duration of shift
Body Motion: Bending and reaching for duration of shift


·Health & Life Insurance after a 60-Day Trial Period

·Competitive wages

·Dental and Vision Insurance offered after 6-months.


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